With the help of a fine group of volunteers, Widowed Friends supports the need for members to get on with their lives by providing a variety of activities, both as small group settings (Local Happenings) and larger festive events (Social Events).  All widowed are welcome to attend ALL publicized activities no matter where they are located.


Geographic areas have been designated for members to have an idea of the general locations of events.  These designations are “East”, “West”, “North”, and “Blue Water”.  Each area is guided by an Area Representative who sees that smaller events are planned by volunteers in those areas.  Some activities include dinners, theatre, movies, historic tours, brunches, river cruises, bowling, golf, bocce, house parties, card games, etc.   Many participants within these “local” areas have developed lasting friendships and form car pools to attend events that are further away or in other geographic areas. 


Currently, widowed men and women have an opportunity to gather and enjoy dinner and games at three different locations on alternating months.  These social events include a sit down dinner at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy, an Italian buffet in Livonia, and a wonderful variety of restaurants in the Blue Water region in St. Clair County.  These popular dinner/game events continue to draw anywhere from 40 to 120 widowed people.  In these safe and friendly settings, widowed can enjoy the company of old friends and have the experience of meeting new friends.


Our large annual social events include our Spring Fever Party, Summer Picnic, Fall Fling Barn Dance, and Christmas Mass & Dinner Celebration.  All widowed from all areas are welcome to attend these social events.  Games, music, dancing, entertainment, catered meals, and much more, provide fun, laughter, and social interaction for widowed. 


Widowed men and women who enjoy traveling are welcome to participate in all of our travel opportunities.  Our cruises have included the Panama Canal, Alaska, the Baltic Sea, and Hawaii.  Bus trips to California, the Eastern seaboard, and Quebec/Montreal are a few of the trips enjoyed by many of our members. 


Check out our "Upcoming Events" page.  Detailed information about ALL of our events can be accessed by clicking on the "Newsletter" or "Calendar of Events" links below. 


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